Jewelry 101

This content aims to cover various basics regarding jewelry. We hope to increase our reader knowledge and awareness regarding different jewelry aspects.

The Ultimate Guide to Rings

Posted in Jewelry 101 on June 8, 2020

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In modern society, rings are the most common type of jewelry among men and women. In this guide to rings, our aim is to give you the basics. A ring is a circular gold, silver, or some other high-quality material banded together, that is worn on a finger. Whether it is to display wealth, high status, or authority. Most often used for symbolic functions concerning marriage. A ring is almost always made of hard material: Read More »

A Guide to necklaces

Posted in Jewelry 101 on June 8, 2020

Thumbnail for necklaces article showing three different necklaces being worn by woman

Welcome to our guide to necklaces, when it comes to choosing a necklace to wear you need to consider if it fits your face shape, body, and your height. Which necklace length fits different outfits? If you’re a first-timer, this can definitely be a daunting task. Or you’d want to perform a classic romantical moment when you put the necklace on to your loved one. We first cover the history of necklaces, then we’ll move Read More »

The definitive guide to earrings

Posted in Jewelry 101 on March 21, 2020

four pairs of silver drop earrings with different color stone in them on pink background.

While being one of the oldest forms of ornaments and most regularly worn jewelry, earrings have a wide variety of styles. In this guide to earrings, you will get answers for questions that you have maybe wondered before: What are the differences between studs, drops, and hoops? Which are more liked? What shape of the stone is best for stud earrings? gold, silver or platinum earrings? Are they hypoallergenic?  By the end of this guide, Read More »