4 ways to prevent nickel allergy

Posted in Jewelry Education on June 11, 2020

I'm often asked what is the most common cause of nickel allergy, the answer is ear piercings. Its simple to prevent nickel allergy. But there are some important things to keep in mind if your child wants a piercing. Getting a piercing is not a trivial decision, you and your child should understand the risks. Some possible consequences are for example infection, nickel allergy, scarring, and long-term cosmetic issues. 

To minimize the risks, a reputable professional should perform the piercings with sterilized instruments using low nickel releasing piercing studs. Nickel allergy is caused by directing and continuous prolonged contact with the skin by high releasing items like some earrings. Approximately 10-15% of females and 1-2% of males are allergic to nickel. It's certainly not life-threatening and is easily preventable. 

a pair of blue earrings

How to prevent nickel allergy?

Preventing nickel allergy is not complicated, to minimize the risk of becoming allergic to nickel do the following:

  1. wear only high-quality jewelry made with low nickel releasing materials such as high-grade stainless steel (like surgical stainless steel), titanium, and solid not plated gold, silver, or platinum. 
  2. After piercing, follow the recommended healing protocol, which typically includes washing the piercing with soap and water or a saline solution twice a day until a piercing is completely healed. 
  3. Keep an eye out for any type of skin reaction especially during the healing. If you do notice a skin reaction consult a medical doctor to determine whether it's the result of an infection, irritation, nickel allergy, or some other cause. 
  4. Be sure to follow the appropriate treatment. 

Piercings can, of course, be safe and worry-free even if you have a nickel allergy by choosing jewelry that releases little or no nickel. Are you wondering about what piercing to get? We have just the right guide for you: A guide to ear piercings.

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