Best earrings for your face shape

Posted in Jewelry Education on June 8, 2020

When choosing earrings the shape of your face matters and earrings are a great way to play with proportions. Today I will write about which earrings are the best for your face shape. There are six face shapes: oval, square, round, heart, diamond, and pear. To know which earrings are for you you first need to know what shape is your face, keep reading to find out. Do you already know your face shape? The short answer is the following:

Oval face - any type of earring, any length, and size will suit you well. Square face - try to go for rounded earrings, avoid earrings that end at the level of the jaw. Round face - go for square earrings,  to bring more contrast to the face. Heart face - earrings that go wider at the bottom will are great for this shape. Diamond face - don’t be afraid to add volume and weight, visually to the lower half of your face. Pear face - Studs are a great choice, avoid something that hangs.

picture of a woman wearing long earrings

What’s your face shape?

We all have different face shapes, some are more round some are more square. You should always try to create a visual contrast to your face. For example, if you have a rounded face, earrings that are square-shaped or have sharp corners would fit you well. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the hairstyle choice matters, what you’re wearing - be mindful of them too. See the following image to figure out your face shape.

Oval - a common face shape, your face is symmetrical to oval shape.
Square - When your jaw equals your forehead width which equals your face vertical line.
Round - somewhat similar to an oval, however a bit wider.
Heart - The widest point of your face is your forehead. 
Diamond - If your face shape is diamond then your face widest point is at the cheekbones.
Pear - Contrary to square face the widest point of your face is your jaw.

Best earrings for different face types


I will focus on choosing the length of the earring, the shape of it, and where to position it that the volume it will bring balance to your face visually. If your face is an oval or long oval then technically you can wear any type of earring, any length, and his size. You can place the earrings at any height you want on your face. Earrings you could choose are pendants, simple little studs, or Clip-on, that clips onto the year so you don't need an actual hole. You could even go for ear cuffs, ones that you place at the top of the ear. Studs are the type that works with pretty much every face shape I would say. The only difference between an oval and a long oval is when you go for longer earrings I would take a bit wider earrings, to bring a little bit of weight to your face. 


if your face is square, then your jawline equals your forehead line, equals your vertical centreline. Those three lines are similar length on your face. In this case try to look for rounded earrings, like for instance the typical traditional hoop earring. You could also go bolder with a more colorful and or thicker version. If you're going for pendants try to keep them close to the ear. I would avoid earrings that end at the level of your jaw, I often hear from ladies who have a square face that they bypass such earrings. You don't want to attract attention to the jawline, so stay higher up.


In case your face is round looking, then I would typically go for square earrings. To break that Circle shape, I know it's a bit of a statement but you're ready to go for big squares. If you prefer pendants, I would take super long and thin ones because the nicely elongates the face. The thing I would avoid in your case is a rounded shaped like the hoop because that would make your face even more rounder. I find it a bit more interesting to bring in contrast to that circle shape by going for square or longer earrings.


If your heart-shaped then your widest point is your forehead. In this case, I’d want to bring volume and weight to the bottom of my face. So why not choose earrings that do end at the level of the jaw or even at the chin. Heart shapes often have a pointed chin so your chin would be lower than your jawline. You can choose long earrings that become wider at the bottom. Longer and wider earrings always attract attention more, which means more visual effect.


You’re diamond-shaped when your wide point is in the middle or at the cheekbones of your face. You have quite the same proportion between the top and the bottom half of the face. That is the perfect face shape for huge earrings if you like statement jewelry. You can go for pendants that are not only long but also massive. Don't be afraid to add volume and weight visually to the lower half of your face. Just like with the heart face you can end at the jawline or even lower.


if you’re a pear, your widest point is at the jawline. Contrary to Square Face your jawline is wider than your forehead and cheekbone area. It can be a problem zone, according to what I’ve heard. In this case, I would stay away from that jawline and choose earrings such as studs and other great option is an ear clip. You don't even need holes for that. The hidden benefit is that instead of having a heavy piece of jewelry that's hanging in your ear holes and stretching them over time. Its placed right on the ear so it's not damaging your holes. A really good option. Last but not least, what about ear cuff? that's typically something adding volume and weight to the top of the ear, far away from the jawline and it attracts the eye to the upper part of your face.

Remember to experiment with earrings!

 I hope this helps you with choosing the best earrings for your face shape. If you would like to know more about earrings in general check out The definitive guide to earrings or perhaps you would like to experiment with other ear piercings? If you do then check out A guide to ear piercings.

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